Cigarette, cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigar, cigarillo, snuff and IQOS current prices and varieties in Italy

Product nameTypePackagingPrice €
Clubmaster Superior Filter 10 Cigarillo10
Joya De Nicaragua Torpedo Cigar1
Golden Blend's Virginia 30 Cigarette tobacco30 g/1.06 oz
Mc-S Purple IQOS20
Punch Mantua Cigar50
Djarum Special Cigarillo10
Paradiso Papagayo Cigar21
Roll Your Own American Blend White Cigarette tobacco30 g/1.06 oz
Joya De Nicaragua Seleccion Robusto Cigar6
Philip Morris Filter Kings CigaretteHard pack of 20
Mac Baren Cube Premium Gold Pipe tobacco40 g/1.41 oz
Fuente-Fuente Opus X 1992 Robusto Cigar3
The King Storm 100's CigaretteHard pack of 20
Rattray's Stirling Flake Pipe tobacco50 g/1.76 oz
Robert Mc Connell Black & Gold Pipe tobacco50 g/1.76 oz

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Product nameTypePackagingPrice €
El VIejo Continente Mare Nostrum III Cigar20
Rattray's Wallace Flake Pipe tobacco50 g/1.76 oz
Arturo Fuente Cubanitos Cigar10
Ajf Last Call Maduro Corticas Cigar25
Plasencia Alma Fuerte Nestor IV Cigar10
Black Devil Yellow CigaretteHard pack of 20
Peterson Old Dublin Pipe tobacco50 g/1.76 oz
Joya De Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo Sampler 5 Cigar5
Mini Moods Double Filter 20 Cigarillo20
El Criollito A Flores Short Gordo 24 Cigar24
Lambert & Butler King Size CigaretteHard pack of 20
The King Ssl White CigaretteHard pack of 20
Borkum Riff Sungold Pipe tobacco50 g/1.76 oz
Sosa Cigars Lonsdales Cigar1
H. Upmann Coronas Junior Cigar1

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However our datas are based on the following tables "Cigarillo - 16/07/2021, Cigar - 06/08/2021, Cigarette tobacco - 05/07/2021, IQOS - 09/08/2021, Cigarette - 09/08/2021, Pipe tobacco - 09/08/2021", published by the Institutional Portal of the Excise, Customs and Monopolies Agency, but our site is for information purposes only!
You can find the current official table on the Institutional Portal of the Excise, Customs and Monopolies Agency.

We are not recommending and/or selling tobacco products. Smoking is harmful for your health!

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